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Vaught, Inc. thrives on helping companies reach their full economic capacity. We immerse ourselves into your company to guide you in developing and executing a strategy, monitoring results, and adapting to move toward the best opportunities.

We love problems.

That's right. We see "problems" as opportunities to help you serve customers better than the competition, to become more efficient, to create value, or to build new competitive advantages. Calling on both creative and analytical capabilities, our highly customized services can help your organization convert ideas and strategies into results and effective execution. While we specialize in the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, our capabilities can adapt and scale across any industry. Here are some of the ways Vaught, Inc. has helped startups get to market and existing companies innovate from within.

Mount Sinai Health System

Mount Sinai contacted Vaught, Inc. seeking assistance in meeting credentialing requirements for its outpatient pharmacy unit. Through Vaught, Inc.'s subsidiary company, NightWatch, a solution was developed that makes clinical pharmacists available after-hours to answer medication-related questions for the patients of Mount Sinai.

Hospice of Southern WV

Hospice of Southern West Virginia approached Vaught, Inc. about developing a system to better manage the rising costs of medication. As a result, Vaught, Inc. created a pharmacy system that cost-effectively distributes medications to hospice patients in their home and the local hospice facility - saving HSWV $100,000 annually.


DeltaCareRx was looking for a medication disposal option to offer its hospice members and contacted Vaught, Inc. Through Vaught, Inc.'s subsidiary company, V23, the Medication Disposal System (MDS) was created. The branding, website and commerce platform were created exclusively for DeltaCareRx clients.

Advanced Urology

Dr. Faith Payne and Advanced Urology engaged Vaught, Inc. to formalize the business infrastructure of her growing practice by developing human resources, accounts payable and vendor management systems.

Roane General Hospital

Roane General Hospital approached Vaught, Inc. about developing an after-hours pharmacy solution for their hospital. They were concerned that their investment in computerized patient safety tools was diminished upon their pharmacists leaving for the night. Leveraging technology and pharmacist talent, NightWatch, a Vaught, Inc. subsidiary, was created to serve the need.

Raleigh County Schools

Raleigh County Schools was facing a doubling of their rates for contracted nursing services with no other viable option in the community. Within 21 days, Vaught, Inc. created a staffing service that met the exact needs of the school district, with no increase in cost.

WV Pain Institute

Dr. Andrew Thymius called on Vaught, Inc. when he decided to leave his hospital employment arrangement and open WV Pain Institute. Through a Vaught, Inc. subsidiary company, MedMatrix Solutions, Dr. Thymius received practice set-up and management services that included credentialing, billing, vendor negotiation, and electronic health record services.

Rural Acres Infusion

Vaught, Inc was called on to assist the new owner in the transition and purchase of the practice. Additionally, Vaught, Inc. assisted in the expansion of the practice to its second location.

The Eureka! Project

Vaught, Inc. developed the curriculum for The Eureka! Project, a program designed to teach creative problem solving and critical thinking to children with the ultimate goal of encouraging innovation and promoting entrepreneurship.

Chris Vaught, founder of Vaught Inc.

Qualities We Champion


Doing the right thing isn’t always easy. The right thing may take more time. It may cost more money. However, we have committed to a simple truth: We are going to do the right thing 100% of the time. 100% of the time. Have we lost out on opportunities because of this commitment? Absolutely. But, we sleep like babies.


We are entrepreneurs. Critical thinking and creative problem solving are the most powerful tools we have to innovate for our clients. We ruin whiteboards. Our best work is done when there is no clear path, time is short and resources are limited. We love the challenges of not only finding a solution, but finding the right solution for our clients.


We’re obsessed with details. Why? Because, we have created an environment where excellence is expected. We truly care what people think about us and the solutions we provide. It’s a simple strategy: We don’t want to embarrass our families. So, we work hard to create raving clients.


We love our community. Along with our commitment to creating quality jobs, we actively participate on numerous community and foundation boards where we work to improve the quality of life for our neighbors.

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What We Provide

Business consulting


From idea conception through execution, Vaught, Inc. can walk you through all the necessary phases of launching a business, including licensure, negotiation, financing, marketing and more.

Strategic planning


We invest in great ideas, then provide the organizational and strategic planning to bring those ideas to life. We help businesses and non-profits achieve goals by defining direction, implementing plans and allocating resources.

Process development


Every organization is unique and boxed processes are rarely the best or most efficient solution. Our diverse team of creative thinkers immerse themselves into your business to solve the most persistent problems.

Regulatory compliance


Staying compliant in an evolving regulatory landscape requires creative solutions and the ability to be nimble. We develop tailored processes that fit within regulatory guidelines without sacrificing efficiency.



Sometimes business leaders need to talk through a concept with professionals outside of their organization. Our team pools a variety of seasoned perspectives that provide the ideal level of realism for idea evaluation.

Product development


We invest in great ideas, but those ideas need a spot in the market. Our experience Identifying markets, analyzing opportunities, and streamlining processes equal greater probability of a successful product.

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